The pub, revisited

A reflective poem about a return to an old drinking hole holding memories of a mis-spent youth.

Thanks for nothing Dad

A poem about a gangster's missive to his father.

That feeling

A reflective poem about a special feeling re-affirming life's meaning.


An humorous/ reflective poem about one man's reflection on his granddad's passing.

Five a day blues

A poem lamenting the tyrannical regimes involved in staying healthy.


A poem about the joys of takeaway food.


A poem about the continuing influence of superstition and old wives' tales.


A poem about the virtues of craven cowardice.

Lost genius

A poem about that time in the middle of the night when our thoughts appear divinely inspired.

Costa Lamento

A romantic poem about a meet-up with an old flame in the nation's favourite coffee shop.

Kepler - 186f

A poem about an idiot's planned visit to a distant planet.

Let it be

A poem about a laid-back individual with a distaste for planning and high-detail.

Letter to the chief

A poem about one man's helpful letter to the creator.


A tribute/humorous  poem about the country's best musical entertainment venue.

The bench

A reflective poem about a typical park bench and it's myriad clients.

The puritan

A poem about a little puritanical man inside the narrator's brain.


A poem about what happens to one's plans when love rears it's head.


A poem lamenting human greed but offering some hope of a better way.